about - Bobby Harding

     Bobby is a fineart-trained portrait and landscape photographer who was raised in the east, was tempered by the high mountains of colorado and now makes his home by the redwoods and by the waves in Santa Cruz, California.     

      Bobby likes to keep things simple. Super Type-B. Light-hearted and easy. Bobby loves to see the beauty in things. To see the dream in the mundane and the magic in the ordinary. He loves the thick light of sunset and sunrise. Swoons for thunder, lighting and rain. He loves to see people laugh. He loves being outside, getting soaked in the aroma of sage and pine and bonfire. He loves beautiful, simple, spontaneous, living and candid photographs. He thinks that couples shouldn't be bent and twisted to shape a photographers image, but allowed to relax and to be themselves so that the images that come forward are authentic and beautiful and true. Bobby loves to laugh with his clients and loves when all those barriers of business breakdown and the couples and the photographers are all just homies.

      Let's make something beautiful together.

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