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I'm happy you're here! 

And I look forward to having the opportunity to work and play together... but before all of that, allow to introduce myself.  


I am Bobby.

I'm living in Santa Cruz. Cleveland born and raised-- though I love the high Rocky Mountains where I lived for almost a decade.

I’m the owner and founder here at the Deep Light Company, and your main guy behind the lens (although the whole team is rad!)

I love seeing you light up and think our best work comes from the organic, unplanned, and spontaneous good. No posing and forcing— just the ease and the wildness. Thats where the magic is.

If there’s a body of water near your shoot, I’ll probably be in there neck deep attempting to get some rad image for you.

We will work through allll the details of your day to make sure it's as easy and as fun as possible-- so that you have photos that you're stoked on for generations--- but most importantly, so you and yours  have *the* most fun possible---  it is truly about crafting a creating a beautiful experience for you two throughout.

I’m big into laughter, keeping it light, looking for ease and the keeping the glass half full. I also might make some mildly inappropriate ’that’s what she said’ jokes, haha.

I love thunderstorms, strong tea, strong dark coffee, evergreens and wood smoke.

I love when everyone is relaxed and themselves and uncensored in front of the camera-- nothing unnatural or repressed--- so that when couples look back, they just remember that fun and that ease, full of laughter and love.

I love to see the beauty in things--- to see the magic in the mundane and the extraordinary in the ordinary.  The magic and the wonder of everyday, commonplace things and moments.

When I’m not editing and shooting and scouting for the strongest, raddest locations for engagements and elopements, I’m probably basking in the sun, drinking copious amounts of tea and meditating.

And if I’m not doing that, you’ll find me surfing or out climbing and bouldering.

Let’s capture what makes your heart beat hardest, together.

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